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"It's kind of hard to believe that a web application could be this smooth and easy to use."
- Leo Laporte, net@night on TWIT.TV [net@night podcast]
"A fun little beta application that transcends it's name... da, da, da, dun, da, dun! SuperLame!"
- Cali Lewis, GeekBrief TV [GeekBrief TV Video Podcast]
"If you've just got a single photo and a desire to make with the funny, go easy on yourself and try SuperLame! Comic Word Balloon Engine."
- Eric Griffith, AppScout [AppScout.com Article]
"It's simply a joy to tag up a photo with captions, speech and thought bubbles. Best of all, the end result is total eye candy."
- Josh Lowensohn, WebWare [WebWare.com Article]
"It is a super simple site where youcan upload pictures super quick, create speech bubbles super easily and either e-mail them or send them to friends."
- Alana Taylor, Mashable [Mashable.com Article]
"If our review of Comiq Life Magiq caught your eye, but you don't run OS X or don't have a need for so many features, SuperLame is perfect for you."
- Jay Hathaway, DownloadSquad [DownloadSquad.com Article]
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"Want to have a little fun with your pictures? Add some speech bubbles! There's a great site called Superlame that let's you do exactly that."
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Import your own photos and add word balloons

Add Comic Balloons To Your Photos

It's easy, fast, cool, and even free. What more could you ask for? So, we could tell you how great this little web tool is, how it let's you upload your photos and pictures, add comic style word balloons, then save them and use them for whatever you want. But, weI'll just let you play with the app and check it out for yourself. Enjoy!

Donate and help support SuperLame!

With Support From Viewers like you

Help keep the web free, donate. If you want to give a little (or a lot, whatever), know that your donations will go not only to keep SuperLame alive and improved with new features, but you'll also be helping feed and clothe hungry web developers. For less than a dollar a month you can make a difference. Thanks for all your support.

Send your picture to a friend

NEW! Facebook Get's SuperLame!

That's right folks! Facebook just got SuperLame! Well, there's a brand new SuperLame! Facebook app. Now you can make all your favorite facebook photos into comic pictures. What could be better. Oh, and of course, the app's in beta. You know it's not web 2.0 if it's not beta. It's a slightly slimmed down version of SuperLame! with some Facebook photo integration. More features added soon.

Word balloons without borders

Borders can't contain the balloons!

Your balloon pictures aren't limited to the borders of your picture. That's right, put word balloons and speech bubbles anywhere you want, even outside the borders of your image. Once you're done creating your balloon pic the program resizes to accommodate for any balloons outside the borders of the image and adds any needed space around the outside.

Send your picture to a friend

Email Your Pictures To Anyone

Once you've made the perfect combination of picture and speech bubble, you can simply email it to anyone, anywhere in the world with the click of your mouse. No registration needed. All you need are two email addresses, to and from. Easy.

Save your word balloon photos as JPEGs and use them everywhere

Save and Use Them Anywhere

What good would this web tool be if you couldn't do anything with your picture once you finished it? No good, that's how good. Well, get this, when you've finalized exactly what you want your cat to say, you can easily save it as a ".jpeg" file and use it anywhere JPEGs are accepted. Pretty good, right?

Spread the Word Balloon, Save and Share!

Web Tool.0 - Share SuperLame!

Want to help spread the word (balloon, ha!) on SuperLame? Maybe you just want to save it for yourself or share SuperLame with a friend. Whatever, we'll try to make it easy. Just rollover the button below and start Digging us, Bookmarking us, saving to Del.icio.us, whatever. Oh, and don't forget to post your images around the web.

Adobe Flash CS3 with AS3

Made with Macromedia Adobe!

This little web tool was created using the latest version of Adobe Flash CS3 with AS3. Don't have the newest Flash Player? Odds are good you've already got the player installed, as over 95% of the internet world does. However, if you don't, worry not, it's free, quick, and easy to get. Just click here.

What is SuperLame!? Add Speech Bubbles to Your Pictures.

Have you ever wanted to add a caption to a picture? What about making a comic out of your photos? Well, you've come to the right place. Here at SuperLame! we've created a web tool that let's you do exactly that. With our program you can quickly, easily, enjoyably, and freely add word balloons to all your pictures. We're currently in beta and will be continuing to add and update our tools. While we may not have as many features as some of our competition at the moment, we believe we provide a much friendlier, prettier, easier to use experience. All you have to do to start making your very own balloon photo babies is click here. Thanks and enjoy!